As long as i could hold a pencil ,i sketched. I had surgeries in my hand so i couldn’t go to an art school. A few months ago i bought a second-hand tablet laptop and started this comic.

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We’re Getting there… Deep Breaths!

No Shit Sherlock

The Hammer of Justice!

Sending positive energy since 1991

I need a brake

When my brother thought my work is a metal-friendly place

Snacks beats Diet..Everybody knows THAT!

I can feel it coming in the air tonight *ight *ight *ight

Summer Mood: ON

Celebrating 200 Likes. This is going good :D

A little Alien inspired project

When you thought you could beat the sun

In a good night sleep long long gone…

Artist Re-imagines Disney Princesses as… STOP IT

1st attempt to make a comic, don’t be too harsh