“Fiii Marinului”(Sons of Marin ; Marin- the village ) is the name of Patricia-Marina Toma’s project she started 3 years ago in her small village in Romania. After so many years when people from her village ignored, burned or throwed away the traditional romanian clothes, people are now sewing new ones grace to her lastest actions and projects.

Now, about 50 persons (from 4 to 82+ years old) are part of “Fiii Marinului” project. The young people are learning from the old ones traditional crafts, the way people used to live before, what they ate, the way they sang, how they used to cultivate hemp and produce textil fiber and so on.

Patricia-Marina is also the owner of a romanian traditional house in her village, where she organises with her group of volunteers a festival “Zilele AuGust la Marin” (Days got taste in Marin), the 3rd edition will take place in Marin, Salaj, Romania on 14-18 august. The most important activity of Fiii Marinului’s project are recreating life stories of old people from their village, and the festival will also include, beside workshops, the recreation of an old lady’s love story and the way she ran away with her lover.

The first edition (2016) was the recreation of a romanian traditional wedding based on a real life story from 1941, and the 2nd edition (2017) has as subject Patricia-Marina’s grandparents love story.

We are hoping for the best for this year’s festival, the door is open to everyone, Fiii Marinului also have a formular open for volunteers from any country, you can find it on their facebook page.

More info: Facebook