I have one hell of a story to tell. Which is why I am writing my book. But I also have many stories to share that belong to my wild Tarzan son. In ten years he has been to thirteen countries. Born in Australia, he and I now live in the jungle of Costa Rica. Catching snakes, rescuing toucans and monkeys, opening coconuts and building tepees are amongst his favourite things to do.

He rode bare back on horses in Peru 5000 m above sea level, rode elephants in Indonesia, played soccer in the streets of Istanbul, learnt to surf in Nicaragua, found jaguar foot prints in the jungle at Foz do Iguazu, flew paper aero planes off of the Eifle Tower (don’t tell anyone), and made his own bow and arrows in Paraguay. These are just a few of his stories.

Every day he runs bare foot picking food from the forest finding small animals for his new pet baby Boa. At the age of ten he is living one amazing childhood of what dreams are made of.

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Snake rescuing in Costa Rica

Costa RIca

Surfing in Byron Bay, Australia

Temples. Bali. Indonesia

Drinking coconuts. Bali. Indonesia

Pet Duck. Indonesia

Hitch hiking in the Sacred Valley. Peru

Local friends. Sacred Valley. Peru

Shopping for Alpaca rope. Peru

5000m above sea level. Peru

Costa Rica

Opening Coconuts

Monkey Rescue



Free Schooling.. under his own built shelter. Nicaragua


Fish shopping road side in Indonesia

Love and gratitude for all that we have seen and done