Born into this world with severe hearing impairment and granted the beautiful curse of a wandering imagination, I spent the first five years of my life without any hearing and sharpened my other senses. 

Growing up in a sleepy, small industrial town, I learnt to paint the world with extra colour, sometimes neon bright and other times much darker tones. With a creative family and nurturing friends, I continue to learn how to ride the duel vibrations of life, often drawn into darkness and growing within it. In that darkness I met my demons who try to claw me back from tomorrow’s world, so now I drag them with me into the unknown light of the future.

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Lonely thumb

The silent obey

Wake of the sleepers


Self portrait of me, myself and my comforting demons

Hanging limbo

The guardian

The comforting sorrows

Peeper creeper

Backwards front stepper


Menace estray

The silent face

Hollow eyes

The weepy wallow

Mr fear

Morning glory