April 2015, Nepal was hit by the devastating earthquake which killed more than 8000 people, injuring more than 21,000. Thousands of people are still homeless and living under tents due to the horrifying destruction of villages and homes. With the number of tourists declining due to the aftermath of the earthquake; the tourism industry is still largely affected till today.

On April 2016, my wish to visit Nepal finally came true due to some very special people. And upon experiencing Nepal for myself in person, I was totally blown away by such magnificently beautiful country! Nepal has some of the most beautiful sceneries, amazing food as well as lots of truly wonderful people! Every corner of Nepal brings a pleasant surprise & it is a country of courage, dedication, love & countless splendid wonders.

Having visited various other countries, there is NO OTHER countries that is able to leave a much greater and deeper impression in me other than the Heavenly Nepal…

This sand art film was created as a tribute to Nepal. This country is filled with such unique charm that inspired my senses during my visit. I took one month to plan this sand art film and half a month to record the sand art footages plus editing.

I sincerely wish that my sand art work is able to bring much joy and positive inspiration into your life!

Wishing you happiness!

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“Heavenly Nepal” Sand Art Film by Lawrence Koh from Singapore

Boudhanath Stupa – A scene from my “Heavenly Nepal” sand art film

Amazing ancient structures in Nepal – A scene from my “Heavenly Nepal” sand art film

Buddha – A scene from my “Heavenly Nepal” sand art film

Lady and the peacock – A scene from my “Heavenly Nepal” sand art film