Think architectural masterpieces are only for humans? Well, think again, cause LA based RAH:DESIGN has just introduced a dog house that is so aesthetically pleasing that it will give you house-envy! Those who invented the phrase ‘It’s a dog’s life’ clearly hadn’t seen anything like this.

A dog house that is engineered using materials and techniques found in modern homes, MDK9 Dog Haus is designed to fit the style of your house. Think Brazilian Teak, powder-coated steel and concrete, name plaque by ModernHouseNumbers and custom dog bedding from Jax & Bones…

Rahil Taj, the founder of RAH:DESIGN admitted to Bored Panda that ‘Our own fuzzy companion, Axel, is spoiled to the max. He is a purebred English Bulldog. We do anything and everything to make sure he is as comfortable as possible.’

This dog house is great news for all those style-savvy dog owners out there who think that design should be celebrated even with things like dog houses. And they won’t need to worry about an ugly dog house spoiling their perfect Instagram doggie snap, making this beautiful yet comfortable dog house a win-win thing!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: contemporist)


Thank you Rahil Taj for talking to Bored Panda about your wonderful dog house!