Me and my family explore a world’s worth of pregnancy, and motherhood; in hopes of positively challenging social and cultural norms of birth.

I am a professional labour support person ( Doula ) and Birth Photographer living on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. Besides my regular intake of clients, I most recently attained a distinguished ‘Honorable Mention’ at the Annual Image of the Year competition with The International Association of Birth Photographers. In July, I am embarking on a global adventure, collecting stories and images for a book I’m creating.

Women want more out of their individual experiences. They are hungry for positive change in birth culture. This is my opportunity to create a book that not only challenges social and cultural norms of birth in the modern world; but leaves it’s reader feeling empowered, educated, and enthusiastic. Three components that we know are necessary in the pursuit of better outcomes and better experiences; for women AND their families.

For 6 months, I am planning to travel alongside my husband and 2 children. Together, we will explore pregnancy, birth, and parenting; as practiced among different cultures. Visiting people and professionals who share my passion, photographing births of varying degrees, exploring tradition admonished in Western culture, highlighting areas that need change, praising those who do amazing work, and enjoying intimate conversations with mothers who share my vision – all the while documenting every inch of the experience and sharing via various media platforms.

I aim to create a body of work that inspires women and men to feel positively about birth. ‘Birth in a Big World’ (Pending title) is the perfect marriage between art and activism. A book that is deliciously gorgeous, and mega inspiring.

In order to finance travel and production of the book, I launched a crowdfunding via IndieGogo. Together, WE can change the face of birth!

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This photo got an ‘Honorable Mention’ at the Annual Birth Photography Competition

That’s me and my two lovely children