I do travel photography. I call it travel photography because I take my shots while traveling. I’m inspired to create my works by paintings and drawings. Sometimes I like to capture sublime horizont lines and transform them into Instagram squares.

Other times, I like to capture landscapes and make them look like the great storytelling paintings.

These photos are black and white. I was hiking in the Swiss Alps, and since it was full daylight, I had to make them visually appealing. No one wants to see landscapes made at plain daylight. Nevertheless, they capture a story. My story, and I took these pictures to send them to my parents. To make them feel good about me.

At the time I was fascinated about Japanese zen art. In the photo with the one figure and a big foggy mountain, I tried to reproduce what I saw in the Haboku Sansui painting. An abstract black and white image, that if is watched long enough, more and more details come across.

Me rushing towards the Stellisee Lake

There was a 4 hour hike in front of us

Haboku Sansui

Testing my tripod

A snowman built at 4000 m altitude