We live in a world where screens are constantly reformulating our experience of reality. Nowadays everyone has the same phones and follows the same trends. We have entered into a close relationship with the digital and have lost individuality.

So what is truly unique in the modern world?

This project turned into an exploration of individuality in our screen society. It started for me as a research of the force that accidents carry within them, which later led me to understand that this force can create unique things.

I was examining how a human failure can add individuality to identical manufactured things.

I decided on the final project spontaneously, after I broke my iPhone 6.

For this book, I have collected 666 cracked iPhones. Number 6 by itself represents incompleteness or imperfection, both of which are intrinsic to humans.

Screens were numbered in the order in which they were found, and then randomized. Since the main object of my work turned out to be the iPhone, the decision was to make a book similar to the iPhone 6’s package and identity.

More info: behance.net

The book cover

Book spreads

Little part of my collection

Scanned iPhone’s screens

This work was a part of student’s exhibition at British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, Russia


Broken iPhones on the floor serves as a reference to the project and show my research. On the top are lying my business cards.