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A Creepy Tour Of Abandoned Monuments, Buildings And Villages In Bulgaria
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A Creepy Tour Of Abandoned Monuments, Buildings And Villages In Bulgaria

“The Abandoned Bulgaria” is a creepy photo tour through the abandoned places in Bulgaria. Forgotten monuments, buildings, machines and even whole villages bring memories from the past.

Hristo Uzunov is a Bulgarian photographer who lives in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. For the past two years he’s been travelling to abandoned places in Bulgaria, taking photos for his photo project “The Abandoned Bulgaria” (“Изоставената България”).

He has visited more than 20 abandoned places, trying to capture their unique atmosphere and keep the memory of them alive. Because one by one they are fading into dust… Feel the melancholic beauty of these places!

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The Buzludzha Monument was built on the peak by the Bulgarian communist regime and was opened in 1981. It was abandoned after the changes in 1990

Welcome to this dairy farm with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere located near the village of Perperek

There are many small villages in the Rhodope Mountains. Most of them are abandoned

The chimney of the plant for the production of lime which is located in the town of Smolyan. The factory was closed in the 1950’s

This once-spectacular monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet friendship is located in the city of Varna

It’s in very poor condition since the end of the Socialist Era in 1990

Buzludzha is a historical peak in the Central Balkan Mountains that are 1441 metres high

The train plant in Sofia, built in 1888, is abandoned since 2003. The first Bulgarian locomotive was manufactured in 1948

There are only homeless dogs in this kindergarten in the town of Kardzhali

An abandoned car at the train station in the town of Kardzhali

An old bulldozer T-130 and a hopper КrAZ 256 were used in the marble quarry in the town of Ardino

This plane was the king of the sky once. Now An-2 would never leave the Museum of Aviation in the village of Krumovo


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