I was lucky enough to participate again this year in the Coffee Art Project and for this occasion, I wanted to create something special. Using coffee both as the theme and the medium for this illustration, I wanted to represent the moment of drinking a cup of coffee and its meaning.

Thoughts, decisions, emotions… go with every sip. Dreams, hope, plans… are implied in every taste. There is not a better feeling than getting lost in this moment. The creative process was long for this one and I tried to choose the perfect reference pictures to show these emotions. At the end I created my own reference picture from three different scenes.

The result was this illustration – “Coffee experience” – done with coffee and brown pencil on watercolor paper (50×70 cm). Hope you like it!

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“Coffee experience” – coffee illustration (50×70 cm)

“Coffee experience” – drawing process I

“Coffee experience” – drawing process II

“Coffee experience” – drawing process III

“Coffee experience” – reference picture vs illustration