It’s called the South Bowl. It’s a ceramic bowl shaped like Antarctica. Already pretty cool right? What makes it even better is that it actually fights climate change.

Each bowl has an integrated 1/4 metric ton surplus voluntary carbon offset (that will double to 1/2 a ton if 500 bowls are sold). What’s a carbon offset? Offsets are a means of compensating for the share of the CO2 pollution you emit (by driving, flying, using electricity, etc.) It’s on Kickstarter and backers not only get a bowl shaped like Antarctica (cool and functional), they also actively lower their carbon footprint, and since the bowls are made in the US, also support domestic jobs and manufacturing.

More info:

The South Bowl is more than just a nice looking nicknacks (though it does look nice)

One South Bowl comes with a 1/4 ton CO2 offset (equal to using 28 gallons of gasoline!)

The South Bowl was designed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Made in Portland, Oregon. And benefits the world