‘A Bouquet a Day’ was a small project I created last Spring/Summer on my Instagram account to highlight the benefit of bringing a little bit of unexpected happiness to someone else’s day.

I collect flowers everyday on my walks; most of which I press and use in my eco resin jewellery (Lost Forest). I usually gather a few extra sprigs to make up miniature wildflower bouquets, using natural long grasses or twigs to bind them together. A thought sprang to my mind to leave these colourful bundles in certain locations around my local park, and along walking routes in the mountains and woodlands. The objective was to brighten up a passer-by’s day with something unexpected, and something made just for them. They could take the bouquet home with them to decorate a mantel, a table or their work desk, and it was a small sign to show that someone, somewhere cared enough about bringing happiness to their day.

Everyone has daily battles, which may not be obvious on the outside. Producing small gestures like this can mean the world to someone.

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A bouquet brimming with buttercups, daisies and Queen Anne’s lace

Woodland bouquet bursting with colour

A beautiful bouquet I left on a bench by the lakeside

Wildflowers gathered from the sunny meadows

A bonny blue hydrangea bouquet left along a lonely pathway in the forest

Happiness in the form of wildflowers

A beautiful bouquet I left on the isolated banks of the lake

A Great Willowherb

Flowers left as a reminder to those you love