I would have never imagined that a bicycle could ever take me further than the corner supermarket or my friends house. I mean… How could I pedal to the next city? Isn’t that too far?

My name is Belén, I’m Spanish, and when I met Tristan, he taught me that a bicycle can actually take you anywhere you want.

In April 2015, Tristan prepared for a European bike tour after having previously crossed the US from the east to the west coast for the Teenage Cancer Trust. He felt that the experience was too short and that there was so much to be improved!

After a year an a half on the road, and about 17.000km later, he proved me that cycling could also be a way of travelling long distance and long term. I prepared myself and left my job as an architect to join him on the wheels. And guess what? I am glad I did.

No I hadn’t cycled more than 30Km a day in my life. No, I had never camped or slept outdoors. Padded pants? What is that? And, oh! Where I come from, rain is a rare event! But still, we cycled together around Norway for the course of four months and I LOVED it. Yes, you’ll get tired and will hate that occasional storm or headwind but believe me, you won’t loathe it as much as being stuck in traffic with your car on your way to work.

For those out here who never thought about it… I’m telling you, a bike can bring you to the other side of the world if you want! And for those scared of the idea because they might think it’s too hard… I was one of those and proved myself wrong.

If you want to know more about us and our story, this video serves as an introduction.

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Cycling Norway : A first impression into Cycle Touring