It’s never too late to learn. 97-year-old World War II veteran Hal Lasko, who is now legally blind, proves this by creating a series of stunningly intricate drawings on his ’95 Microsoft Paint. Hal, also known as Grandpa, only discovered digital art only in his 80’s, and hasn’t let go of it since!

Back in the day, Hal used to work as a typographer, creating various letter fonts from scratch, so drawing was deep in his veins. “We got Grandpa a computer about 15 years ago. I knew I had to show him Microsoft Paint, and once I did, he just took off with this paint tool. And it wasn’t till years later that we realized how important it was to him,” says Ryan Lasko, Hal’s grandson.

Hal is suffering from wet macular degeneration, which causes weaker sight in the center of the visual field. However, when working with a computer, Grandpa can zoom in and build a detailed drawing from small details. His unique artworks are described as “a collision of pointillism and pixel art”. Check out his beautiful drawings and a touching documentary short by Josh Bogdan about Hal’s life journey.

Website: via: thisiscolossal