Cat-themed merchandise, which has been in demand for… well… just about as long as anyone can remember, never really goes out of style (it’s hard to deny that those Egyptian cat statues from thousands of years ago are still on point). But let’s admit it: the standard issue “stop stressin’ meowt” type stuff that has been making the rounds for the past decade has sort of become a yawner.

These 6 unique cat-themed t-shirts are at a whole another level of funny and clever and are a must-have for any cat-stuff connoisseur. Each is available in Modern Fit or Classic Fit, and sure to draw smiles on the faces of friends and strangers alike when worn out and about.

Each of these shirts can be purchased online.

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Millennial Cat

Vaya Con Gatos

Meow Means Meow

2 girls 1 cat


JFK (John F. Kittycat)

Serenity Meow!