A group of 52 very young Melbourne budding artists have created what they believe is the world’s first colouring book illustrated by children.

The book has been a year in the making and has been made by children aged between three and 10.

Inspired by the craze for adult colouring books, Colour Melbourne gives glimpses of the city, its architecture, creatures, food, sports and people as seen through the eyes of children.

They want to inspire other children and let them know that drawings are as varied and individualistic as people, there is no one way to draw something, and drawings don’t need to look a certain way.

There are no computer drawn images in this colouring book.
Help them have their book published by pre-ordering a copy of the book (AU$20) through their crowdfunding campaign : https://pozible.com/project/205544

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Children illustrate their own colouring book

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne.

Upside down on the roller coaster ride. Luna Park. Melbourne

Skateboard girl, pig-tails and polka-dot shorts

Ice-cream Mr Dinosaur?

The Skipping Girl and Friends

Some of the 52 Child Artists

Our Campaign to Get Our Book Published, take a peek…

Colouring book illustrated by 52 Melbourne children