What’s the difference between an illustrator and an animator? What does a copywriter do? Does Project Manager have anything in common with clients? Well, those questions don't have straightforward answers, but the creative team from Studio Pigeon (Poland) tried to decipher them for You. Does it happen in our everyday lives? Well, try to guess.

An old Polish legend says that the previous capital of the country, Krakow, is pigeons’ place of origin. They are enchanted birds - long ago a powerful wizard turned brave knights into birds so they could live till their king returns home. Unfortunately, the king was killed during the war. Today, the pigeons are fighting bravely with client’s briefs, scripts, and storyboards.

And just like knights they never surrender.

More info: studiopigeon.com


Yeah… Soooo Damn Creative…


Koko Sempai 2 years ago



No Job Description Needed!


Silent Skeleton 1 year ago

Mine is a mix of artist and animator XD (since im both haha)


Damn You Brain!


Lilya 1 year ago

OMG she's singing my favorite song!!! Band band by nicki Minaj, Jessie j, and Ariana grande!


… And That’s How We Came Up With Rainbow Shooting Unicorns!



You Know What They Say… 300 Times Is A Charm!


Lily lorenson 1 year ago

Pug party


Lost Connection = Life Restored