I was approached to design and create a custom mosaic play structure for a vacant lot in South Los Angeles that was being turned into a small neighborhood park. It was an artists dream project (mostly). It turned out that the park was going to be a tribute to Benito Juarez. After a little

After a little research I discovered that he was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. A city known for its carved and wildly painted wooden fantasy creatures called “Alebrijes”. From this inspiration I started sketching, mixing species and patterns to design and create my wildly patterned mosaics for the 40 feet long, 7.5 feet high and 6 feet wide main three-headed tiger, dragon and sea serpent with water misters in its nose climbing tunnel and slide! A frog hitching a ride on a turtle is 5 feet long and tall and 4 feet wide.

The frog on a lily pad is 5 feet around and 2 feet tall. They are in a rubber flooring pond. In a community that has very few art programs or open space to play for kids my biggest reward was watching on opening day as the kids were crawling all over it like ants on a piece of cake making up games and laughing. I visit to check on it from time to time and always find it busy with happy and maybe even inspired children.

More info: jolinomosaicarts.com

Frog/Turtle ¾ Rt

Kids At Opening

Dragon Slide Eye Detail

Dragon Slide, Tiger And Sea Monster

Tiger And Sea Monster Tunnel

Sea Monster Tiger Tunnel With Frog/Turtle

Long Shot

Tiger Head

Sea Monster Climbing Leg

Sea Monster Fin

Blue Tunnel

Frog/Turtle ¾ Lft

Lily Pad Frog Profile

Lily Pad Frog Detail

Lily Pad Frog ¾