We all associate bees with the sweetness of honey and all the delicious things we can do with it; however, artists around the world have developed a way to engage them in art production! Turns out that their honeycomb-building skills can be applied to create amazing 3D art, where the desired shape is 3D printed by bees entirely out of hexagonal wax cells.

For the queen to populate the beehive with eggs, bees build the honeycomb patterns inward around a given space – this gave the artists an idea to build a 3D template that the honey bees could work on. The shape is later removed to unveil some pretty fantastic beeswax sculptures!

Interestingly, some really creative projects with beehive sculptures were used for marketing purposes: Dewar’s whiskey, for example, created a bottle-shaped sculpture together with their famous “drinking man,” by cooperating with over 80 000 bees! To facilitate the process, the team covered the 3D shapes with the honeycomb wax base, and the little workers did the rest of the job. Check out the pictures below for more creative project with bees!

via: twistedsifter.com

Source: new.theebelinggroup.com

Source: new.theebelinggroup.com

Source: new.theebelinggroup.com

Source: new.theebelinggroup.com

Source: new.theebelinggroup.com

Source: Peter Dyck

Source: aganethadyck.ca

Source: flickr.com

Image credits:  tomaslibertiny.com

Image credits: tomaslibertiny.com