This is the story of how we made a portrait of George Wurtzel, a blind artist. It was the first portrait ever that he could feel and recognize as himself.

The sculpture by Andrew Myers is made of 4,000 hand-painted screws. Warning: you might want to cry (but in a good way!).

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This is Mr. George Wurtzel. Blind artist, woodworker, teacher, and a gentleman who is building an art gallery

We wanted to have the first piece in that gallery so we sneakily took a picture of George and worked with our friend Andrew Myers to make a sculptural portrait of his face

First Andrew drew a topography map of George’s face

Then 1 by 1 Andrew drilled in each screw based on that topography map

4000 screws later you get a sculpture like this. Easy right?

Andrew then hand-painted each screw head

After two months, you get an immaculate tactile portrait of your subject

Andrew then drove 13 hours from Laguna Beach up to Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa Valley to surprise George with this piece

George immediately started feeling the portrait

George liked it. He really really liked it. Especially the beard!

George immediately took it off the wall and started sharing it with his students and friends

We are officially going to be the first tactile piece in George’s new Tactile Art Gallery!

“Please touch the art”