After the first set of my 3D artworks on bored panda, I had a lot of success in my job.

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I continued drawing and this is my new set of 3D artworks and I had great a desire to share them with you guys.

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#1 3d Enterprise Star Ship

3d Enterprise Star Ship


rajesh kuchana 1 year ago

Hi Nikola, I'm interested to learn 3d Drawing can u please provide me help ,how to learn from scratch...Please provide Help.Can u please provide learning videos to learn from scratch.

#2 3d Bb-8 From Star Wars

3d Bb-8 From Star Wars


#3 3d Valentino Shoe

3d Valentino Shoe


#4 3d Red Converse Shoes

3d Red Converse Shoes


#5 3d Donatelo

3d Donatelo


#6 3d Rainbow Stag Beetle

3d Rainbow Stag Beetle


#7 3d Maserati Granturismo

3d Maserati Granturismo