Hi! My name is Petrescu Silviu. I’ve been, unknowingly, in love with art since kindergarten. Back then I wasn’t thinking of something else other than drawing, colouring and having fun, pretty much like any other kid I knew.

I remember I was obsessed of not crossing the contour of my drawings and using the right tones and shades. I continued drawing my own ideas up until fifth grade. I wasn’t taking myself seriously, neither my parents were. I was just a kid that liked drawing a bit more than others. But then, I became interested in reproducing tiny little pictures from all sorts of stickers and cards, depicting cartoon and comic book characters. After three years of reproducing,going through all sorts of animated styles, I’ve chosen the comic book style and started drawing my own ideas.

After finishing elementary school, I followed the only art high school that was in town. I signed up for mural section. I was happy, I was surrounded by other kids that shared the same interest in art, as I did. All was great, all sorts of projects, themes,ideas… My style was evolving. I became interested in volume, details, perspective, balance of colors… But something was bothering me. Every time I finished a project, I had the same feeling: the idea, the subject was trapped underneath an invisible layer, and no, I’m not referring at the glass on top. So I decided to free my ideas, and let them “escape” in our world, breaking the barriers of communication between them and us. I came up with this. From that point on, my head was just flooded with ideas.

What I do now for a living? I “plant” trees in people’s homes, in order to bring nature closer to them and to remind them and myself, that no matter how hard and twisty life gets, you have the the power to reconstruct yourself, to go through “walls” and to “blossom” again.

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