I’ve always loved and appreciated heavy textured artwork. Something about the thickness of oil brings another dimension to a piece that allows you to not only appreciate a painting up close but see it in a completely different way when you take a few steps back.

It took me a total of 2 months to complete this painting. After a long week of work, I could not wait to add another layer of oil to the previous layer(s) below.

Floral art, specifically floral abstract has always been a huge interest of mine. There is an endless inspiration you can get from a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or the wild ones you drive or walk by.

This painting contains the magical content of approximately 32 high quality tubes of oil paint. The entire painting was completed with a palette knife. This painting took approximately 4 months to dry. It is a large 48 inch x 36 inch piece on a 1.5 inch thick, stretched canvas. Images cannot do it justice!

Enjoy, Shalimar.

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Original art by Shalimar Legaspi

36 x 48 original heavy oil painting

Close up

A close up of all that yummy thick oil

Flat view from the top

The result