My #Inktober2019 was #Pinktober :D all the way – I made 31 drawings of Alecia Moore Hart, a.k.a. P!nk, my favorite artist, celebrity and overall human being, in 31 days of October 2019, according to the official list of #Inktober2019 prompts. It started off as a joke, but got a life of its own and I am happy with where it took me – as usual with @Inktober, I could feel a noticeable improvement in my drawing skills (even tough I draw on the daily basis even when it’s not October!), it got progressively easier and more fun, and I could do some of these directly in ballpoint pen, without sketching in pencil first. I hope you enjoy these, try #Inktober next year, and if you are not already a fan of P!nk, you should definitely become one :)

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1. RING. Pretty straightforward.

2. MINDLESS. From “Stupid Girls”.

3. BAIT. From “So What”, when she got her estranged husband to appear in her video so they could get back together…

4. FREEZE. P!nk starred in “Happy Feet 2” as a.. penguin, of course.

5. BUILD. Those muscles :)

6. HUSKY. She used to have a husky voice when she smoked.

7. ENCHANTED. From the fairy tale like video for “Just Like Fire”

8. FRAIL. Overall atmosphere from “Family Portrait”.



11. SNOW. From P!nk’s Instagram photo.

12. DRAGON. P!nk tight tatoo :D

13. ASH. From “Funhouse”. This museum full of ash, once a tickle, now a rash…

14. OVERGROWN. From a song from the side-project, “You & Me”. When our hands and voice are sold to a world overgrown…

15. LEGEND. She already is.

16. WILD. From “Wild hearts can’t be broken”.

17. ORNAMENT. Interesting earpiece :)

18. MISFIT. From “Don’t Let Me Get Me”

19. SLING.

20. THREAD. A long time ago, when she was just starting to thread the treacherous waters of the music business…


22. GHOST. From “Who Knew”, a song about the ghosts of our unfulfilled expectations and sudden departures.

23. ANCIENT. Seemed fun to draw a really young P!nk for this prompt – in terms of P!nk’s photos, this one was ancient :)

24. DIZZY. “Glitter in the Air”. Live performance.

25. TASTY. P!nk and I share “True Love” for vegetables :D

26. DARK. The overall atmosphere from “What About Us”

27. COAT. This was a perfect opportunity to celebrate P!nk’s unique fashion style.

28. RIDE. I could not miss this chance to draw her iconic ride around Hollywood on a lawn mover from “So What”

29. INJURED. “Please Don’t Leave Me”… because if you try, you might get a little injured by my ax.

30. CATCH.

31. RIPE. P!nk has a vineyard and makes wine. I had so much fun with #Inktober this year and I’m already looking forward to #Inktober2020 :D