I am 25 year old photographer from Romania and last summer I had the incredible opportunity to travel a part of my country and get to know the people living there.

During my journey, which was part of a photography workshop, I encountered two shepherds, two blacksmiths and a train mechanic who was taking care of an old steam locomotive which is still fully functional.

It was a breathtaking experience that left me wondering about how, year by year, we lose more and more professions that in the past were more wide-spread .

A shepherd blowing the horn at the end of a busy day. Time for the sheep to come back to the sheepfold

The crisp air and the fat grass is perfect for the sheep as the thrive on the mountain top. Though, for the shepherd it’s no easy job to keep up with the sheep

Nothing compares to a breakfast served at the sheepfold early in the morning

Work starts with the first speck of light

And it goes on for all day long

Shepherd preparing the milk to make cheese out of it

This is how the shepherds live while on the mountain top

The first blacksmith I encountered

Sometimes there’s time for a break and a cigarette

The tiny workshop of the blacksmith, stuffed with all sorts of things which aid him in his work. It’s small but cozy

The train mechanic. For me it would seem impossible to make anything out of all those levers. He finds it easy, having been doing it for years

Here he was explaining to me and the other participants at the workshop just how he does his job all day, every day

Preparing the locomotive for the day. The old steam train is going to take tourists on a short ride

The second blacksmith I encountered. He had a smaller forge but just as big of a passion

He showed us what he’s been doing all his life. It’s a family business, he said. His father was also a blacksmith

It’s not easy but the blacksmith finds joy in his little workshop

Preparing the forge for a new day