I build bespoke doll houses and architedural models to an accuracy that is aimed to fool you from the real thing.

Around June last year I was thinking about a new project that was to be designed by myself and I wanted to create something rather special that would stand out amongst other miniature creations. As far as French architecture goes in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful so I had no difficulty in settling on a style but that wasn’t enough to give it that something extra. So after watching the BBC drama Versailles it didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted a gold roof for my newest creation. I began doing some intensive googling to see if it had been done before on a doll house and I couldn’t come up with anything.

At the end of June production started and my never big enough work shop became a complete twelfth scale building site…literally! It never would have passed health and safety regulations. Once the main walls were erected I started to build up the main features with lime woods and the ever so tedious process of hand cutting over 13,000 roof tiles began.

By the time Christmas came jingling around the Chateau was looking pretty great, all the windows and a decent door were fitted so we had no miniature trespassers setting up home sweet home and the last of the roof tiles had been placed to stop any wintry weather leaking in…

The beautiful 24 carat gold leaf roof was the crowning finish to my labour of love… and sometimes hate. The sun shone and it sparkled like nothing I had seen before. I was chuffed.

At the end of January I exhibited the Chateau at the City of London Dollshouse festival which received wonderful feedback and appreciation and was also in the Times newspaper a couple of days later.

I am now up to date with technology and I have trendily joined Instagram and Facebook to showcase my work at different stages. I am currently working on a new project that will soon be complete and I will be sharing.

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