I wrote this book because over 8 years ago I fell in love with a guy (who is now my husband) and despite him feeling the same way, we struggled incredibly to be happy together and understand each other.

My husband is one of the millions of men around the world who are what is known as ‘on the autistic spectrum’, but who are completely undiagnosed and who often don’t even know there is a name and reason for why they are ‘weird’.

They just know they struggle to connect with other people and behave ‘normally’ in social situations that they find tiring rather than enjoyable… Many also struggle with depression as a result of being constantly rejected, bullied and seeming to constantly (yet unintentionally!) hurt the people they love most in their life.

Autism is truly a spectrum, as it is not the same for any two people. Yet while anyone with autism may not behave ‘normally’, they are truly unique individuals and once people understand how they think and open their hearts to them, as I did, they can truly make the most amazing life partners and friends.

This book is my attempt to break down some of the stigmas around autism, which is often ignored, or associated only with the most extreme cases, where people are almost entirely unable to function in everyday life.

It provides a light-hearted and humorous look at some of the things I have learned about my husband, which I initially struggled with and caused us huge problems, but are now things I love about him.

I hope that this book will help women (and men too!) look past the ‘odd behaviour’ of someone they know who has autism and understand them, as well as love them and be loved by them.

Following the positive reaction to this book, including from several women with autism wishing there was a version for them, I am now working on just that – ’20 reasons why you should date an autistic girl’.

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