For the longest time, I shied away from traveling in India because popular culture led me to believe India is all about religions, festivals, sadhus and cows. None of which interest me as a photographer or traveler.

Only when I travelled in 2008 to the Himalayas, I discovered India’s silent places. Places full of character yet devoid of the crowd that has become synonymous with our country. In my quest my avoid throngs of people as much as possible, I started straying away as far as possible from the mainstream and thus began my journey to discover another India!

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Ayyankere Lake in south India

Dense jungles near Indo-Bangladesh Border

Incredible beauty of Sharavathi Valley

Frozen stream in Himalayas

Stunning roadside views in Meghalaya

Salt Flats of Rann of Kutch

Kanha National Park

World’s 3rd Highest Mountain, Mt. Kanchenjunga

Rhododendron blooms in the misty forests of Sikkim

Pin Valley in Spiti

Rolling grasslands of Kudremukh National Park

Nohkalikai Waterfalls, India’s highest plunge waterfalls

Frozen Pangong Lake in Himalayas

Niel Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Mustard fields in Ladakh

Mt. Trishul at sunset

Siko Dido Falls, in remote north east India

Fairy tale landscape of Madhya Pradesh

Forests of Western Ghats

Clear night sky seen from a small Island in the Bay of Bengal