My name is Andrii aka Ded. I’m a copywriter. My partner’s name’s Dima aka Maloy. He’s a graphic designer. We work in an advertising agency in Ukraine and recently we have won the national contest of The Greatness Challenge. As the winners we’ve got the right to sit in the jury of this year ADC*E advertising festival in Barcelona. This is a great honor for young creatives. But that’s not it.

For the whole festival week and a week before we’ll be wearing one huge jacket. This is a metaphor for creative pair teamwork, that allows us to show everybody the difficulties creatives have to go through to become a real team.

Moreover, to go through a lot more obstacles on a way to creative teamwork, we’re going to hitchhike through European cities to get to Barcelona.

During our trip we’re going to find out who’s more important for the team: a copywriter or an art-director.

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The feel of creativity

Barcelona, brace yourself. We’re coming

Stuffed with stuff

Tastes like design

Smooth project and the deadline

A client decided to go on with a copy idea

You’ve finished the project you hated