Dafni Milan is 16 years old, and has grown up with both of her parents as collaborative artists. Through homeschooling, she was able to finish high school early so she could focus on her art career. Dafni has been professionally painting and selling her artwork for the past 3 years, while studying at her parent’s art school, the Milan Art Institute. Dafni’s two sisters and brother are also artists, selling their work consistently as well. Her whole life she was surrounded by artists of all ages and has been taught that art is a window into the artist’s soul.

Dafni has always admired people who truly know who they are. People who are confident in themselves, and who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. She believes true beauty is found between the standards that society sets for us. Beauty is found in all of the things that make us each individual and unique. Ultimately, Dafni strives to show all of who she is and all of the depths within a person to display the definition of true beauty. Dafni uses multiple mediums in each piece, creating an environment of intricacies within one’s heart, soul, and spirit. Dafni strongly believes following one’s intuition while creating a work of art is what makes the strongest pieces, primarily showing who the artist is inside.

Dafni travels to Greece every year, as well as various other European countries, attending artist in residency programs. She continues selling her art all over the world and painting out of her studio in Queen Creek, Arizona where she currently lives with her artist family.

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Exposed Revelation



Lifted Away


Between Realms