If you already have the perfect costume but still need a place to stash your phone and keys, here are some accessories that are more Halloween-y than your everyday carryall. Many of these are handcrafted by individual artisans, so you’d be supporting small biz while you look chic and spooky.

Coffin Handbag

Knock ’em dead with this look.

Image credits: us.killstar.com

Monster Eyeball Coin Purse

Handcrafted in genuine leather for an eye-catching yet practical accessory.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Bag

A bag big enough to join the kiddos in some trick-or-treating.

Image credits: www.amazon.com

H.P. Lovecraft Secret Safe Book with Magnetic Closure

Handcrafted with Cthulhu’s approval, keep your valuables literally undercover.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Wednesday’s Vintage Poison

A whimsically evil purse.

Image credits: www.dollskill.com

Liquid Glitter Clutch

Handcrafted so that when you squeeze this clutch the glitter floats about and moves.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Candy Corn Clutch

Handcrafted in soft fabric for a cute and festive look.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Glow-in-the-dark Ouija Board Shoulder Bag

Just point to yes, no, or good bye when flirting at the party.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Cleaver Clutch Bag

This gives any outfit a killer look.

Batwing Clutch

Handcrafted in genuine leather, it’s understated yet uniquely awesome.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Skull Wristlet

Can’t go wrong with a skull purse on Halloween.

Image credits: www.walmart.com

Skull Shoulder Bag

A larger than life skull for your necessities and more.

Image credits: www.inkedshop.com

Betsey Johnson Web and Spider Purse

The heart shaped web will endear even arachnophobic.

Image credits: www.thinkgeek.com

Upcycled Vintage Purse

New fancy spidery elements have been added to make this vintage piece fabulous.

Image credits: www.etsy.com

Tormented Teddy Backpack

Bring out the gimp. The gimp teddy, yes. Because why not.

Image credits: www.dollskill.com