My wife comes from Canada and we spent a year living in New Zealand last year. After shivering through what felt like an eternal winter, we returned to Australia and found that the lucky country really does have the best winter on earth.

From the north where it gets to over 35 degrees, to the south where we rarely see the mercury dip below zero. The tourists stay away and you can have just about every spot all to yourself.

Wave rider

Surf lifesaving is the lifeblood of just about every Australian kid growing up along the coast. Sunday mornings involved running after a piece of hose shoved in the sand, paddling until your arms gave way and getting stung by the famous stingers.


Australia’s south west is known for its large forests and towering Karri trees. Morning fog often rolls into the valleys and sits about until the sun burns it way. Getting above the fog gives you the sort of perspective only birds get to see.

Cape to Cape coast

Wilyabrup sea cliffs are a favourite of all the locals in the area. There isn’t a road to this spot so the 15 minute walk from the carpark keeps most people away, leaving you to have the spot all to yourself. It’s also the premier rock climbing wall in Western Australia – and some of the best granite in the country.

City sunrise

Perth city is home to around 2 million people. The city itself is quite small but the surrounding suburbs sprawl along the coast for some 60kms. This shot is from one of the favourites – Fremantle.

The garden path

On just about anyday you’ll find green mallee shrubs calling the coast home. Even in the summer months the trees find life and keep the sand from being blown away by the south west winds that dominate the area.

Morning Fog

There’s just something about morning fog, wether its in the mountains or the forest. Here low lying fog hugs the trees near Mundaring.


Eagle bay has to be one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in Australia. From Point Piquet to Bunkers bay, the white sand and granite boulders make for some amazing contrasts. Lets not forget the water either, its some of the clearest I’ve ever seen.

Eagle Bay – South West of Australia

Horizontal Waterfall

In summer we know this place as the Wyadup spa. A somewhat cold water experience where you can sit in the rock pool and enjoy the summer days. In winter though the place transforms into a mixture of whitewater and foam. High seas pummel the outer rocks creating more of a horizontal waterfall that a peaceful natural spa. Enter at your own risk.

Alone in the ocean

The west coast is dotted with small rocky islands lying just a few hundred metres off the shore. They get hammered by wind and sea all year round yet manage to never break apart.

Before the storm

The west coast often gets battered by the cold fronts as they pass by. Here, the morning sun reflects off the falling rain to create a peaceful looking rainbow ahead of a storm.


Cape Naturaliste at the far left of the image is the northern most point in the shire of Busselton.

Eagle bay from above

Perfect day in the bay. You’d almost think that it’s summer if you didn’t know the water temperature.

Cape Leveque

Pretty much sums up what Australia is about. Sunburnt country with the most insane beaches you’re likely to see.

Wyadup Spa

Wild day at the spa

Perfect winters day

Perth has some of the nicest beaches of any Australian city. Here a surfer takes a break between sets at a break near Fremantle.

Above the clouds

Mornings spent above the clouds

Broome lagoon

Flying into Broome is a feast for your eyes. The plane travels over the interior of WA and the contrasts of the landscapes is quite striking

Days at the cape

Cape Leveque is one of the most incredible places on this earth. If you get a chance visit there at least once in your lifetime.


Red rocks meet the Indian Ocean