“My art expresses the true beauty within. The raw open feeling of love. Deep down your experiencing something you’ve never felt before. With this comes a total peace when I paint. Every brush stroke I lay on the canvas happens so naturally. When painting, I feel that my hands were meant to move so freely. I feel that the pieces I create are beyond me.” -Dalia Milan

Dalia Milan is 14 years old and was born and raised in Arizona. Dalia’s parents, John and Elli Milan, own an art school called the Milan Art Institute. Growing up with both of her parents and two older sisters as successful artists, she was always around art. Being in this environment, she always felt the urge to paint and was naturally creative.

Dalia has been painting and selling her work since she was 12. As she grew older she felt that if she became a professional artist as well, she wouldn’t be original and that she couldn’t have her own true voice. She felt that she would be just following in her family’s footsteps rather than creating her own path. Dalia was told she should paint anyway and not give up. She painted here and there and took a few classes, but got easily angry and expected perfection. She still felt connected to art and felt that it was destiny. Dalia decided to take the art mastery program at the Milan Art institute. It was a year long, and while perfecting her skills, she also found her unique voice, different from the rest of the famly. She realized she could have her own style and work, while working together with her family to move forward in the art world. She worked hard and created a passion for art.

Now she freely creates masterpieces that she feels destined to make. Dalia feels that art comes so naturally to her and that this is a gift. She has now graduated from this program and is a successful artist at the age of 14.

Dalia’s art can be found in multiple galleries and exhibitions all over the world.

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Echoes Depth

Sapphire’s Wings

Volcanic Crush

Celestial Dream

Histories Unfold

Electric Love

Work in Progress