Everyone has a particular song that defines their relationship. The song he/she sent you when you first met, the song you both danced to for the first time, the song you listened to together when it rained, ‘your song’, the songs you listened to when your heart was broken and the song that reminds you of that so-and-so who got away. For this story, we interviewed various people in different stages of love and compiled a playlist of what it feels like, to fall in love, stay in love, fall out of love, remember love and be together forever

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Carol Humtsoe, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Love is pain

“It is the sheer bluntness of the song I can relate to, love is pleasure and pain at the same time.”

Priya Singh, The Fall (live version), Rhye

“It’s my ongoing love song. ”

Shweta Kaushik and Vinay Venkatesh, Music sounds better with you, Stardust

“Our differences are so pronounced that we really look like we are from different sides of the tracks. I sometimes feel that we may have preconceived notions of what each one of us would like. But sharing music is beautiful, it’s almost like baring your soul and breaking all those stereotypes. And the fact that we both love this song and this band was quite amazing. ”

Mithun Vehra Becoming Insane, Infected Mushroom

“I like trance, I like energy, I don’t want to be tied down. I don’t know about love but this music is right for me, for now.”

Bhavna Kher Sabse peeche hum khade, Mohit Chauhan

“Being in Ogilvy Delhi about a decade ago was like being in college. We were a bunch of loonies passionately creating ads while playing love songs on our PCs. It was really this magical time of multiple crushes, life-changing heartbreaks and romantic ideologies. It was right there that the sparks flew between us. I would sit on one side of the floor in the Creative department while he was on the other end in the Account Management section. He would play this song every time I passed his cubicle. I would take at least ten minutes to cross the area, slowly enjoying the unsaid attention. ”

Jai Bhadgaonkar Tum se hi

When we were dating, I would miss my girlfriend when she wasn’t around but I would sort of feel her presence everywhere. I can’t really explain it. But it made me realise that love is more than just physical attraction. When you really love someone, they seep into your life and become a part of you. I used to play this song when I missed her. ”

Hemant and Cheryl Hum aapki aankhon mein, Mohammed Rafi

“Our wedding came at the end of a very emotionally exhausting few months and they were finally taking their toll during the festivities. We could barely get through a half hour together without going for each other’s throats. Hemant had said he wanted the first song to be a surprise and in keeping with how everything else was going, I was fully prepared to hate it. I think I probably even did in its first few seconds because the choice was so unexpected, but a few more seconds in and I felt a weight lift off somehow. It’s nice to suddenly remember why you love someone, better when it’s on your wedding day.”

Sandeep Madhavan In spite of me, Morphine

“Sometimes you can’t help but wallow in self pity and this song is for those dreary days.”

Samrat X, Tum pukaar lo, Hemant Kumar

“There was this girl, once.”

Rifat Jahan and Javeed Ahmed, Chaudvin ka chaand, Mohammed Rafi

“Javeed Ahmed- We had an arranged marriage, we fell in love only later. I want to dedicate this song to her. It only reminds me of her. ”