An unprecedented act of protest in the ex-Soviet state of Georgia: Political Party Girchi and tens of volunteers planted the cannabis (marijuana) seeds in their office premises, thereby publicly breaching the criminal code of the country (Article 265, which considers up to 12 years prison sentence). Political and civil disobedience act was aired live by several broadcasters during the New Year’s Eve program.


Government didn’t amend the legislation on the drug policies as was requested by Girchi in their ultimatum to the authorities announced several months ago. In their statement Girchi leaders warned that unless the country’s draconian and inhumane drug policies are changed, namely the article 265, they will publicly break the law by planting the cannabis publicly.


Political Party Girchi is demanding decriminalization of all drugs and legalization of marijuana in Georgia.


The leader of the party, Mr. Zurab Japaridze, said that they just followed through their earlier promise to cultivate marijuana in their party office. Mr. Japaridze and his followers consider this act as part of fight for individual liberties and freedom. 

12 years imprisonment for civil disobedience: party plants cannabis