Our friends are amazing and inspirational. This is the reason why we started to create unique symbols for them. Each symbol has its own name and details which are based on how we see our friends. Moreover, we put a desire or a wish in each symbol that we hope will come true. And those who want to print their symbols off in a different format (for example, for a T-shirt, a mug or a card to colour it) can ask us for the digital version.

The most important thing is that we continue our creation of the symbols and you never know when you will get a postcard as a surprise from us (or from your friend that asked us to do the symbol for you).

Maybe one day you will decide to give the symbol to your parents, best friend or just a person that inspires you the most. That would be truly beautiful and meaningful gift from you to them. We would be more than happy to create this personal symbol. Just contact us!

#1 Sunny Evening

We created this symbol for our excellent adviser. It is a wish to keep enjoying life and make all of the dreams come true.

#2 Colourful Glass

We created this symbol for a free and creative soul, sincere adviser and sister. This is a wishing to never stop explore and find all the colours of the world.

#3 Living Crown

We created this symbol for a friend that is so beautiful, energetic but at the same time dreamy and calm. This is our interpretation of her attribute to notice the perfection.

#4 Fresh Wave

We created this symbol for a brave and very positive person. The symbol shows energetic movement forward.

#5 Mountain full of stars

We created this symbol for the inspirational traveler. This is a wish and a symbol for the future trips and dreams.

#6 The World of Books

We created this symbol for our beautiful and lovely friend. This is our interpretation about her dreamy life.

#7 Two Sides

We created this symbol for our special person that has two bright sides of her life. This is a symbol and a wish to explore and deepen the knowledge of the both sides.

#8 Colorful Tablecloth

We created this symbol for the lovely person that knows the best how to create beauty. This is a reminder of many amazing things that surround her.

#9 The World of Nature

We created this symbol for our sweet friend. This is the reflection of her love for nature and inner harmony.

#10 Summertime Braid

We created this symbol for our inspirational friend that has incredible mind and beautiful hair. This is a wish of luck and creative ideas.

#11 Royal Ice Cream

We created this symbol for very friendly and individualist person. This is the symbol of her subtle sense of life.

#12 The Bloomy Moon

We created this symbol for beautiful newborn baby, that we already adore. This is a wish to spread joy around the whole world.

#13 Funny Sky

We created this symbol for lovely person that is always surrounded by amazing friends. This card is a symbol of friendship and creative ideas.