I’m a first time mum to a 9 month old baby girl, Ava.

When Ava was first born I wanted to post photos of her on Instagram to show her off but soon found some amazing accounts with beautiful creative feeds and I wanted to do that as well.

I started small, I downloaded a bokeh app and add sparkles to my photos but that wasn’t enough so I downloaded the photoshop mix app for my phone and did my first photo manipulation.

I soon evolved and wanted to graduate to actual photoshop (which I had never touched in my life) and it scared me but with the help of an instagram friend I learned a few techniques and started creating magic. I started doing manipulations early 2018 and have learned so much since then and continue to learn and evolve.

All my photos are either shot in my living room or in the garden or in front of our shed. I don’t have the before shots for all these photos because I only started saving them recently so I will do another article later down the track when I have enough before shots.

More info: Instagram

Watching the Northern Lights

I wanted to create an illusion of us sitting in the middle of the night sky.

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine

This concept started off as a swan princess idea with water and a reflection but it didn’t sit well so I changed it to this last minute.

Life of us : This was inspired by Life of Pi

I loved the movie Life of Pi, everything about it was magical. I specially connected with it because he originated from South India and I’m South Indian.

Royal Swing

I wore this outfit for my maternity photos with Ava so I wanted to have a photo with her in it.

The swing is something a lot of South Indian houses have. Ususally suspended by chains inside the house.

Fun little bath on the roof with Randolph the dog

This is our dog, he’s an Australian red cattle dog with a stumpy tail. The photo was shot separately because he gets too excited around Ava and could possible hurt her accidentally.

Dedicated to Mental Health : Children see the light amongst all the darkness

I have struggled with depression and Anxiety as long as I can remember. I often depict these in my photos. I wanted to point out how Children don’t see the darkness even if it surrounds them.

New mode of transportation

When my town hosted the Common Wealth games and the traffic was going to be terrible, we opted to travel by broom.

Magical milk bath in the woodlands….?

This was shot in our backyard. I give Ava milk baths quiet often not just for the photo opportunity but also for the benefits on her skin.

Can we address the Elephant in the room?

Haven’t we all experienced an Elephant in the room situation. I recently went through it and it really resonated with me so I expressed it through this photo.

I will forever fill your mind with magical tales, may you never stop dreaming

This picture was a quick edit when I was really sick and couldn’t take photos or edit.

Nothing like reading to your baby under a magic mushroom.