Popular culture defines crazy cat lady as an older single woman usually psychotic with an unhealthy obsession for felines. In today’s world being a cat lady is seen as a negative thing. There’s even a syndrome called “crazy cat lady”.

If you’re a female cat owner you might have referred to yourself as crazy cat lady in a self deprecating humorist way. Other people might call you crazy cat lady but you know it’s not really a compliment. Or if you are single and tired of looking for that special someone, you might say in jest that your back up plan is to become a crazy cat lady later in life.

Why is there such disdain for someone who loves cats?

Is it that the cats are undesirable pets? With the plethora of cat images online for everyone’s delight, I doubt that’s the case.

So it must be the lady herself that’s not likable.

She is portrayed as a grumpy, mean old person, but in reality crazy cat lady is neither grumpy nor mean and she can be of all ages (not that being old is something inherently bad)

Contrary to the popular belief, crazy cat lady doesn’t actively seek out feline ownership. Usually it is people around her who dump the cats in her care because “she’s the crazy cat lady” anyway. What’s one more cat to her???

Instead of reluctantly accept the crazy cat lady in your life, you should embrace her.

Here are the 10 reasons we should all love and appreciate the crazy cat lady:

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1. She does a public service. She takes in nobody’s cats instead of letting them roam the streets. She simply can’t let these poor cats alone in the street. Instead she gives them a home, or like the crazy cat lady in my life… an entire kitty village.

2. She has a heart of gold. She actually cares about each and every one of the cats in her care and enjoys their distinctive personalities.

3. She doesn’t back away from difficult cases. Lots of people will put to sleep a cat with inconvenient health problems under the disguise that the cat would suffer if it will continue living, but not her. My crazy cat lady took in two sfinx cats with severe health problems and Jon Snow a cat with complete fecal incontince, to name a few. If you don’t know what complete fecal incontinence means, consider yourself lucky.

4. She is fun. She has a great sense of humor of the self-deprecating brand.

5. She doesn’t take herself seriously. In a world where everybody blasts everybody with pouting selfies and gym results, crazy cat lady is more about the difference she makes in the world. Pretty much like this rescue kitten who doesn’t care about drinking milk properly.

6. She is genuine. Just like Jon Snow the cat in this picture.

7. She is not seeking validation from others. She doesn’t save cats to please others. She does it because she feels pitty for these poor souls. She owns her cat rescuing activity just like these kittens own their impromptu photoshoot.

8. Where others fail humanity, she succeeds. She is the one who will not fail the less fortunate cats, whereas many of us will keep walking by. Just like Jon Snow, the cat, adopted this abandoned kitten.

9. She does not demand recognition for all the good that she does. All she wants from you is to be compassionate toward cats, no matter if they’re hairless like Arraya or wear diapers like Snow.

10. She loves all animals including dogs, even hedgehogs. It’s just that cats match her laid back life style more. And seriously who can NOT love kittens?? Can you find the hedgehog in this picture?

Next time you talk in jest about the crazy cat ladies in your life, you should also do something nice for them.

As for the crazy cat lady in my life, I am not thinking of her as crazy, nor a cat lady. I think of her as a stellar human being.

My “crazy cat lady” took in a cat named Jon Snow. Unlike the Game of Thrones character, our Jon Snow has a pretty embarassing health problem. Our Snow has complete fecal incontinence. Basically he can’t hold poop in. Besides this annoying problem, Snow is a happy go lucky cat completely unaware of the burden he places on my “crazy cat lady”. To help her I decided to fundraise for Snow’s care.

If you would like to help, please share his fundraiser here https://www.facebook.com/donate/10155391548185774/ or give $10 so he can get his indispensable diapers and medication.

Thank you and peace out to all the crazy cat ladies out there.

This article is dedicated to Maria Vasile, one of the “Crazy cat ladies” in my life. The pictures depict cats she rescued.