“Marker” is my photo series featuring hours-long sharpie drawings on a beautiful human canvas named Claire. The idea was to spend ten weeks creating ten unique art pieces that not only came to life, but that were alive themselves. Each week I spent between three and six hours coloring Claire’s skin with sharpies, starting with a rough outline that I had practiced on my own face or body earlier in the week, and ending by carefully filling in the designs on her skin.

I generally began with the most difficult sections, the curves around the nose, cheeks and eyes, then worked my way down her body in a continuing pattern. After completing the drawing, I spent some time photographing the art piece we had created. The most satisfying part of creating “Marker” was that although we used permanent ink, each art piece was as impermanent as a sand castle. There’s something child-like and incredibly rewarding in creating something pretty, and then simply washing it away.

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