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What 12 of The World’s Biggest Websites Looked Like at the Beginning

Even the greatest among us had humble beginnings. This is just as true for websites, however, as it is for people. Even online giants like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were once itty-bitty websites with monochrome homepages, poorly-thought-out logos and boring or stark turn-of-the-century designs. Mashable, which collected the old homepages from the Wayback Machine, even included their own site on the list. Check out these images to see how the internet greats looked in their infancy.

Source: Wayback Machine (1998) (2004) (1995) (1995) (2005) (2006) (1996) (2003) (2005) (2001) (1996) (1996)

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  • Josh Robertson

    YouTube was actually meant to be a dating website.

  • Alex Thomson

    Paul Micallef x

  • Rand Hamid

    Dahlia Hamid

  • Aytac Koray Koc

    NYTimes and Wikipedia looks better in the early versions for me

  • Jody A Morgan

    Wow this is really a throw back for me.

  • Pepe Alas

    ¡Ah, recuerdos!

  • Sirpa Mastall

    good old times, lol ;-)

  • Conn3cted Company

    Wow how far they’ve come!

  • Bella Petrova

    Made me laugh Harley D Manning

  • dopster

    im too old because i remember all of these

  • Sharon Amanda Everest

    Is it just me, or do they all look similar, or not much worse, than they do now?

  • Anonymous

    Only one I didn’t see was Twitter. Still don’t get it. From the older generation when we still could attend to things. I’ve been online since 1981. When you communicate at 300 baud, it takes you a few minutes to Tweet.

  • The Sanity Inspector

    Still feels weird, talking about “the early days of the world wide web”.

  • roo

    yahoo is still crap if you ask me , full of ads