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Creative Typographic Science Posters by Kapil Bhagat

To celebrate the Science Day in India, Mumbai-based graphic designer Kapil Bhagat created a series of minimalist typographic posters featuring the names of famous scientists. Each design cues to an invention, a theory or an achievement that the scientist is known for. For example, Newton drops an “O” to illustrate gravity, a massive “C” in Copernicus reminds us that he figured the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe and placed the Sun, rather than the Earth, at the center. Not only do the posters look great, but they also allow you to memorize who did what.

Website: | Available for purchase at Society6

hint: E=mc2

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  • Annette Picard via Facebook

    Tres beau, regardez tous ! Et ne pas oublier ces noms !

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  • KateOz

    Very clever, but I must admit to having to look about 5 of them up before I could understand them. But that’s okay because that is how you learn :)

  • rishi

    I didn’t got the tesla one :(
    can anyone help me ?

    • Sandbur

      Agree – Tesla is the one I don’t get.

    • Sandbur

      Agree – Tesla is the one I don’t get.

    • Loko

      Shape of Tesla coil

  • Saurabh

    Was this taken from a nice video posted some years ago? Or are you the one who made that video ?