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Lovely Shetland Ponies Dressed in Sweaters to Promote Scotland

In order to promote tourism in the country, the National tourist board of Scotland dressed a couple of Shetland ponies in colorful knitted cardigan sweaters and did a little photoshoot. Fivla and Vitamin wore the custom-made red and brown sweaters, knitted by a local knitter Doreen Brown who made them out of Shetland wool. The success of the campaign was beyond expectations!

The ponies were chosen as a local symbol because of their Shetland Isles origin. This breed ranges from 28 to a maximum of 42 inches in height and is known not only for their heavy coats, but also for being quite intelligent. Because of the harsh conditions on the Shetland Isles, the ponies have evolved into strong and hardy species.

“We were looking for a photo which encapsulated Scotland’s stunning natural landscapes, highlighted somewhere a little off the beaten track, and included some true Scottish locals to reflect what this year offers to visitors,” said Visit Scotland to Huffington Post. “Shetland, and in particular Shetland Ponies, instantly sprang to mind.”

The campaign is a part of the Year of Natural Scotland 2013, aimed to celebrate the amazing historic and natural landscapes, stunning wildlife, nature-inspired art and local food and drink of the country.


P.S.: do you want to visit Scotland now?

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  • Fritz Schneider via Facebook

    If they dressed the ponies in latex and heels I would want to visit Scotland. I like the pretty little ponies.

  • Aidan O’Mara via Facebook

    ^^I will put you if you even come to Scotland, that was the funniest comment I’ve ever read.

  • Kristen McKinney via Facebook

    yes! lol

  • Maria Flavia Guimarães via Facebook

    haha that totally made me want to go!

  • Rainer Freynhagen via Facebook

    nett! ;-)

  • Walter Horn via Facebook

    I’d prefer the ponies in kilts.

  • Gary Hopton via Facebook

    Stunning landscape,stunning ponies,and lovely cardigans,what more could you want?

  • Justina Bakutytė via Facebook

    want and will. soon :)

  • Philippe Perez via Facebook

    For fun

  • Kymani Ashby via Facebook

    wth!!…are those Cosby sweaters!?..Lol

  • Matt Calise via Facebook


  • Josh Howe via Facebook


  • Rebecca Johnson via Facebook

    I want a sweater. Kirstin, shall I knit Norman one?

  • Keloù Mat

    I’ve been to Shetland. It’s a beautiful and wild place.

  • Fiona Gracia via Facebook

    So cute

  • Ray Tsoi Yuk Chit via Facebook

    Hahaha they are damn lovely & funny!!

  • Luka Sanchez via Facebook


  • Vikrant Chounhan via Facebook


  • Janine L. Moffitt via Facebook

    Always ready to visit Scotland…sweater ponies or not! These remind me of the Irish sheep in plastic coats…

  • Jordan McClung via Facebook

    Tragic that their legs had to be partially amputated. God bless Bobby Burns.

    • Chin-Miao Wu

      I agree with u…….sigh..poor little thing

  • David C WEsterline via Facebook


  • Claire Daniel via Facebook


  • Susan Johnson via Facebook

    Yesterday it was chickens in sweaters. Today, it’s ponies…

  • Krishnan Shanthi Dhurga via Facebook

    bindhu and Laddu

  • Tita

    Very cut, lol

  • Mark Shepherd via Facebook

    @craigyferg Will this work?

  • Freddy El Maalouly via Facebook