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Old Bike Parts Turned Into Impressive Chandeliers

Artists Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock transformed old bike parts into six spectacular chandeliers, and hung them in the underpass of Theo/Malone and IH-35 San Antonio, Texas. ‘Ballroom Luminoso’ chandeliers contain a custom-made LED light installation, which turned the space into a magnificent shadow theater and a new spot for people to enjoy some public art. The bike parts create intricate shadow patterns and make the underpass look truly surreal.

‘Ballroom Luminoso’ globes also contain small medallions, which are designed to reflect “on the community’s agricultural history, strong Hispanic heritage, and burgeoning environmental movement“, as explained by the artists. The project of bringing this urban space on the public art map was carried out by the San Antonio City’s Department for Culture and Creative Development. “By incorporating public art into the most accessible places, we are bringing our community together and creating an inviting neighborhood for our residents and for other members of our city,” said representatives of the Council.

This definitely brings more color the city! What do you think?

Website: via: thisiscolossal

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  • Rogelio Hernandez Aguirre via Facebook

    Alejandro Dominguez mira…

  • Fenny Setiawathy via Facebook

    Where is this pic of LED lights??

  • Yara Limburg via Facebook

    Stephan Tan

  • Kendall Jeffs via Facebook

    that is sofa king awesome!

  • Sheila Fowler via Facebook

    not as much of a gear head as a nature head but cool none the less….I’d take it to a slightly more musical vein and use musicbox innards :)

  • Cy Is via Facebook

    Gunnar Waldman- ur kind of lighting!

  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook

    That is so very cool!

  • Helmi van Griensven via Facebook

    John Fiddelaers, iets voor jou en je handige pa ;)

  • Errin Skingsley via Facebook

    This is amazing!

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  • Amy Spingle via Facebook

    Jessica Lanzolla so freakin cool!

  • Janice Lobb via Facebook

    don’t think I’ve got quite enough old bikes yet

  • Veronica Venn via Facebook

    Worlds collide!!

  • James Pogue via Facebook


  • ultraviolet

    truely stunning! love the shadows as well