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If You Could Photoshop the Real World

Inspired by’s article “If You Could Photoshop the Real World”, the most depressive humor site on the net “Sad and Useless” made their own version of this idea.

And what about you? What would you do if you could use Photoshop in real life?

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  • Tasha-Leah Callaghan via Facebook

    There is alsorts I would do, but making it more colourful would be one of them! Make everybody happy!

  • Greg Manchester via Facebook

    I could use the eraser on a few people…

  • Sabine Begett via Facebook

    What means luck to you, if you don’t know tears?

  • Karoline Lorbär via Facebook

    <3 convert to smart object <3

  • Sara Sali via Facebook

    lol convert to smart object :P

  • Ottilia Balan via Facebook

    also “mini bridge” kinda cool :))))

  • Olympia Gianfrancesco via Facebook

    Haha, this is brilliant. :)

  • Dan Marqusee via Facebook

    Convert to Smart Object!

  • Vivek Sampara

    Lol… Convert to Smart object for that dumb girl ! ! 

  • Evgeny She via Facebook

    “Red Eye Tool” is my favorite ^ ^

  • Anna Stasiuk via Facebook

    “Convert to Smart Object” – my fav

  • Paticienta


  • Kellie Hebert via Facebook

    Awesome! Haha!

  • Veneta Rangelova via Facebook

    :D :D :D

  •ędrzej-Gaj/1645563441 Jędrzej Gaj via Facebook

    LOL, the last one rocks!

  • KO Art and Design via Facebook

    Love the Conver to a Smart Object. Hilarious

  • Zaira Evan via Facebook

    capturar lo que crea que es unico.

  • Alissa Lin via Facebook

    Love this blog entry! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Trisha Murphy via Facebook

    very funny stuff!!!!

  • Amanda Rees via Facebook

    Delete all the crap. Montage pain into those who cause it. U did ask and I would not step away from the stylus!

  • Taeentt


  • carlos


Author:   Date posted: May 8th, 2012
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