It can get so cold and lonely in winter that some people decided to make pet snow sculpture copies of their furry friends to keep them company! Some of these snow sculptures are perfect copies of the pets they were modeled after.

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If you've made an awesome pet snow sculpture, please share it with us in this list, and upvote your favorites! If you don't have a pet, check out our regular snow sculpture post for some inspiration, too.

#1 One-eyed Kitty

One-eyed Kitty


MelanieDawson-Jones 2 years ago

This is my Lola - sadly she is no longer with us. I'm fenngirl on Instagram

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#2 Nailed It!

Nailed It! Report

emilykloos 2 years ago

That's impossible!!!!!!

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#4 Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs

Liz Schroeder Report

JanetHarpold 2 years ago

Wow -good!

#5 Who Are You?

Who Are You?


JanetHarpold 2 years ago

Adorable picture!

#6 Seriously, Who Did This?

Seriously, Who Did This? Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

The cat doesn't look impressed!