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Old Clock Tower Transformed Into a Penthouse On Sale For $18 Million

Atop One Main Street in Brooklyn, New York, an iconic clock tower was transformed into a stunning triplex penthouse, located in the trendy DUMBO (down under the Manhattan bridge overpass) neighborhood. The apartment is part of an old industrial building that was originally built by cardboard manufacturers, and the tower transformation project was developed by David Walentas – the man behind the DUMBO project itself.

The jaw-dropping 6,813 square feet penthouse offers you a 360 degrees view of the city, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan. Its signature feature, however, are the four massive clocks, installed in 14-foot-high round windows on each wall. The three-story apartment, with the ceiling going from 16 to 50 feet in height, also has a glass elevator running up its center.

The penthouse of the Clock Tower building entered the market in 2009 as the most expensive condo in Brooklyn, listed for $25 million – till then, the most expensive apartment on record had cost a mere $11 million. The realtors, however, have been unsuccessful in selling the Clock Tower penthouse, and it’s now down to $18 million. Well, what are you waiting for?

Website: via: TwistedSifter

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  • Genny Lee via Facebook

    Totally awesome!

  • Tamar Elmensdorp-Lijzenga via Facebook


  • Alexandra Taimitarha via Facebook

    Is it just me or would the mirrored time display be confusing and annoying? For that money I expect the correct time to be displayed in my apartment…

  • Fiona Gallagher via Facebook

    Wow need to Marry a blind, lonely, Rich man :)

  • Shelly Ben-yshay via Facebook

    oh my god wow

  • María Isabel Torres Quintana via Facebook

    muy bonito

  • Celestine Winch via Facebook


  • Matthieu Devillers via Facebook

    4 wall clocks actually, right ?

  • Elicia Johnson-Price via Facebook

    That’s hot!

  • Manfred Rudolph via Facebook

    Wahnsinn… Das ist ein Traum

  • Grazyna Pieczyk-Sitarz via Facebook


  • OIC Moments

    Can’t help but wonder if the residents are contractually obligated to manually move all the the clock hands every minute for the benefit of the surrounding neighborhood, now that the mechanisms have been removed!

  • Dyno Pascal via Facebook

    awesome, it looks like some evil villain’s office

  • Patricia Helmuth via Facebook


  • Peter Baslik via Facebook


  • Jimmy Ele via Facebook

    18 million for that!?!?! No way!

  • Arnold Magdeburg via Facebook


  • Josh

    If you look right, the mechanism hasn’t been removed, it has been changed for something more modern. The clock actually works apparently, judging from the different pictures where the hands of the clocks are at different positions. In a picture, you can see something on the back of the clocks, probably the new mechanism.

  • Manfred Rudolph via Facebook

    My Home Dream…

  • Nam Tang

    don’t want, ticking will cause loss of sanity

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful idea. Except that in the evenings you will be making voyeurs out of anyone looking at the clock for the time. No curtains. A real expensive fishbowl.