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Poll Reveals The USA’s Drunkest, Hottest and Silliest-Sounding States

Remember the amusing polls, when Europeans were asked to name which countries they though were the drunkest, hottest and silliest-sounding, etc? Seeing how successful the project turned out to be, Business Insider and SurveyMonkey’s Audience decided to carry out a similar poll in the US. They interviewed 1603 respondents, asking them questions that everyone jokes about around a dinner table, but that haven’t been officially published yet.

As you may guess, the US turned out to be a highly convenient area for the poll, seeing how different each state is across the country. The questionnaire helped to finally establish which states are seen as having the funniest accent (congrats, Massachusetts), best food (long live New York!), or are simply the nicest ones (well done, Georgia!).

It also did, however, ask the respondents which state they would like to see kicked out of the US (sorry, Texas, they were just being mean), which they thought was the dumbest (Mississippi, they probably just hate the spelling of the name), or which had the worst sports fans (well, New York, you can’t be the best at everything). Do these results sound accurate to you? Let us know in the comments!


Max: Massachusetts, 264 of 1603 votes, 16%

Max: New York, 305 of 1603 votes, 19%

Max: Alaska, 85 of 1603 votes, 5%

Max: California, 194 of 1581, 12%

Max: Texas, 167 of 1581 votes, 11%

Max: California, 403 of 1581 votes, 25%

Max: California, 713 of 1411 votes, 51%

Max: Alabama, 113 of 1442 votes, 9%

Max: Colorado, 228 of 1545 votes, 15%

Max: Kansas, 174 of 1487 votes, 12%

Max: Louisiana, 174 of 1568 votes, 11%

Max: Hawaii, 498 of 1568 votes, 32%

Max: New York, 612 of 1568 votes, 39%

Max: New York, 680 of 1545 votes, 44%

Max: Georgia, 104 of 1545 votes, 7%

Max: Massachusetts, 342 of 1442 votes, 24%

Max: Mississippi, 237 of 1442 votes, 16%

Max: New York, 193 of 1442 votes, 13 %

Max: New York, 158 of 1442 votes, 11%

Max: Texas, 301 of 1422 votes, 21%

Max: California, 394 of 1422 votes, 28%

Max: Alaska, 78 of 1422 votes, 5%

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  • Stacy Bowen

    apparently no one lives in south dakota..maybe b/c of the bad food :)

  • Connie Redding


  • April Dawn

    Yes , Maine is definitely the most underrated , and we LIKE it that way . Less people , more trees please :)

  • Gary Scott

    No colour key. Just looks like a mess of colour without more information (like naming the states maybe)

  • Tom Krengel

    Wow how did your state fair and a better question, who did they poll? I think maybe it was people at Hooters – happy hour. Oh well, it is amusing to come to your own conclusion…

  • Anonymous

    Michigan has the worst food? Who’s voting anyway? Michigan has the best food because it has the most diverse food. The more different foods the state serves, the more it has the right to be considered the state with the best food. someone I know moved to the south from Michigan and regretted it so badly because all there was there is barbecue. To this day she vacations to Detroit every summer to get away from the discriminative people and towards the good food and interesting things to see.

  • Diane Claude

    I agree totally with commenter Gary Scott…without a color key, how the hell are we to know what the different shades of color mean for any given map? Also, this is a nightmarish scenario for those who have color deficiency, like myself.