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Clever Literature-Inspired Quote Posters by Evan Robertson

Ever thought that clever quotes from books could be used for any other purpose than trying to impress snobs and the parents of your significant other? Well, a New York-based graphic designer Evan Robertson sure did, and ended up turning his favorite book lines into beautiful graphic posters.

While reading his paperbacks, Robertson developed a habit of underlining the most grabbing lines. He noticed that some of them inspire his hand as much as his head, so he started combining them together with graphic visualizations. 

Robertson says he uses the lines that he finds while traveling or sometimes stumbles upon by accident, and sees them as hyperlinks, which can “leave the rest of the story behind and open up a new window of ideas, insights, musings”.

His plan is to complete 50 posters a year, having done 24 already. Among those are lines from books by Kurt Vonnegut, Ernest Hemingway and Jean-Paul Sartre.


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