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Unbelievably Realistic Objects Carved Entirely out of Wood

You might have trouble believing it at a first glance, but these sculptures by Arizona-based artist Tom Eckert are made entirely out of wood! Tom carves all the pieces, then laminates and paints the whole thing after putting it together. He mostly uses linden, limewood and basewood, and all the traditional laminating and painting techniques. That’s when you realize that it’s pure talent and patience that makes these pieces so unique!

A beautiful and recurring detail in Tom’s sculptures is pieces of cloth, draped over another object. They give you serious trouble believing that the sculptures are wooden: each imitation of a cloth falls gently and seems to be practically weightless. “By tradition, cloth has been widely used to conceal and shroud objects in practices ranging from advertising to church rituals. Covered forms are often more evocative – with a sense of mystery absent from the uncovered object by itself,” explains Tom.

Tom’s aspiration to create such wooden illusions comes from his childhood: “Since childhood, I have been curious about and amused by mistaken impressions of reality presented as part of my visual experiences. “Cloth” carved of wood has much different structural qualities than real cloth. When this idea is applied to my compositions (floating book, floating cards, floating rock) a sense of the impossible happens – for me, magic.” And magic is not and overstatement in this case!


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  • Kathie Hoblitzell via Facebook


  • Steefa Tak via Facebook

    Wtf ? not possible o.O

  • Peter Hardy via Facebook

    To be fair, wood itself is quite realistic.

  • Tammy Vandegrift Oliver via Facebook


  • Eithne Muffy O’Connor Warren via Facebook

    Can’t get my mind around that….

  • Cat De Spain via Facebook

    Incredible! :D

  • Algirdas Stockunas via Facebook

    This is more than cool, awesome

  • Dorota Mochnacka via Facebook

    Tak doskonałe wykonanie, że wydaje się nieprawdopodobne!

  • Wil Paleczny via Facebook

    So unbelievable….it’s amazing :D

  • Carmen Figliola via Facebook


  • Janice Lobb via Facebook

    I want one

  • Mira


  • dethleffs

    Hmmm, it actually is done so well, you can’t say if these are just 3d renders :s

  • Jillian Player via Facebook

    Amazing carving and even better painting!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame Photoshop has made me so cynical but I would love to see how this is done.

  • Paul Miskinis via Facebook


  • savs

    unbelievably good renders I say ….